Vermeer D16x20 Series II NAVIGATOR®

Vermeer D16x20 Series II NAVIGATOR®


The Vermeer D16X20 Features:

  • 16,000 lbs Thrust & Pull
  • 2,000 lbs Rotational Torque
  • 700 ft of Drill Stem
  • Eclipse Locator
  • Soil Reamer up to 10 inch


Designed with intelligent features on a compact frame, the D16X20 Series II is powered by a 65 hp (48.5 kW) Kubota diesel engine providing 16,000 lb (7257.5 kg) of thrust/pullback force and 2,000 ft-lb (2,711.6 Nm) of torque bringing performance to a wide range of bores.

Featuring sliding tracks which adjust outward for improved stability on uneven terrain, the D16X20 Series II has a compact footprint which eases entry to confined jobsites.


Pullback: 16000 lbs/7257.5 kg
Maximum Carriage Speed: 120 ft/min / 36.6 m/min
Maximum Spindle Torque: 2000 ft-lb / 2711.6 Nm
Maximum Spindle Speed: 248 rpm
Minimum Bore Diameter: 3.5 inch / 8.9 cm
Maximum Ground Drive Speed: 2 mph / 3.2 km/h
Automated Rod Loader: Yes
Noise Level at Operator’s Ear: 91 dB(a)

  • Increases stability on uneven terrain with extendable tracks that adjust outward.
  • Helps improve productivity using dual joysticks integrated with all drilling function controls, the AutoDrill system with patent-pending Auto Resume, and a comfortable operator’s station.
  • Enhances visibility while loading/unloading with a tethered ground drive controller.
  • Superior Firestick drill stem constructed of Vermeer-specified high carbon alloy steel features one-piece, forged rods that have been heat-treated for uniform strength and consistent quality.

Make and Model: Kubota 3600
Fuel Type: Diesel
Gross Horsepower: 65 hp / 48.5 kw
Net Horsepower: 59 hp / 44 kw
Cooling Method: Liquid
Aspiration: Natural
EPA Certification Family: EPA Tier 4i